"Human Dildo"

13:29 minutes

Today I woke up extremely horny and aroused. I wish my husband was here to fuck me but he is out of town on business which leaves me sexually frustrated. I desperately search for my vibrator but the batteries are dead. Now I'm really mad!!! So I take out my box of sex slaves and  ask for a volunteer. Who ever lets me fuck them will get to sleep in my bed all night long and will be rewarded in the morning as well. Only one courageous slave raises his hand so I shrink him bigger to my desired size. Then fuck him good and hard until I cum and make him lick my pussy clean. I have no respect for the others, they are cowards and chickens. Too bad for them. Although my worthy sex slave is exhausted I know he enjoyed it as well After all. . . being deep inside my pussy is not always punishment.